Tasting Notes

Each month we give you a two bottle introduction to the sparkling grapes of Champagne. Meet the grower-producers that are simultaneously stretching and embracing tradition.  Fall in love with this category of extremely rare, nerdy and delicious wines- we promise to teach you all we know.

February 2020


Guiborat ‘Téthys.16’ Grand Cru
Cramant, Champagne, France NV (2016)
All jasmine flowers and citrons and the perfect white melon (found by smelling the rind in the produce aisle.) Tart mango, almonds and river stones chime in with perfect harmony on the palate and then it fires the salivary glands into overdrive.

Barrat-Masson ‘Fleur de Craie’ Extra Brut
Sézannais, Champagne, France NV (2016)
Crunchy, chalky and snappy. Green apple tartness with both the scent and flavors of lime leafs. The minerality is gunpowder-y as well as earthy white sage and a touch of saltiness. This would be magic sauce with oysters or some good sashimi.

January 2020


Champagne Henriet-Bazin Rosé
Villers-Marmery, Montagne de Reims, Champagne, NV
Ripeness and structure in perfect harmony. The texture on this wine goes well beyond your average rosé.Blackcurrants and black pepper, licorice and citrus peel, brioche and blood oranges. 70% solera reserve wine really adds a ton of layers that create an ever evolving profile. 

Pierre Gimonnet & Fils ‘Rosé de Blancs’ 
Cuis, Côte des Blancs, Champagne, France NV
Steely nerve, chalky minerality, Meyer lemon zest. The soft touch of red juice blended in just gives the proper hint of tart plums and pluot. Both tart and somehow creamy at the same time, such a unique flavor here that suits the dichotomy of flavors of this great wine.

December 2019


Stéphane Coquillette ‘Carte d’Or’ 1er Cru / Chouilly, Champagne, NV
A deeper blue fruit note to it than you’d ever expect. It merely hints on the nose but on the tongue there is pomegranate and fresh picked blueberries. Crisply perfumed of jasmine and a bit ginger spicy in texture, it also displays a round ripeness that creates an awesome counterbalance.

Champagne Saint-Chamant Millesime 2008 / Blanc de Blancs / Épernay, Champagne, NV
This Champagne is voluptuous, bordering on hedonistic. Rich creme brulee with burnt sugar top, baked apple, tangerines and lemon glazed scones. Vibrant acid finish, but with complex tertiary notes on the mid palate that reveal the wines age. Ten years resting in a bottle on its lees has developed a fabulous textural depth.

November 2019


Champagne Laherte-Frères Blanc de Blancs / Brut Nature
Chavot, Champagne, NV
Bracing and bright with key lime, young mango, smoky flint and a bit of uncooked dough, and all the chalky minerality you could ever desire. Delightfully balanced with enough ripeness, complexity, and fruit driven texture to keep that ripping acidity well in check.

Champagne Georges Laval ‘Garennes’ / Extra Brut 
Chavot, Champagne, NV
Citrus rinds, hazelnuts and yellow miso – Pinot Meunier brings us a touch closer towards the umami side of the palate. This is a thoughtfully crafted and meticulously nurtured 60% reserve wine. Certified Organic.