Bisson Ciliegiolo Rosato * Portofino Liguria 2018

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Served chilled for sure, but not too chill- this wine carries tons of tart cherry fruit character, minerality and herbaceousness which could be looked over if served too cold. Pomegranate and chokecherries with a lasting chalky mineral texture makes for an outstanding food pairing wine, which is more important than it may sound, as rosés are very often really difficult to pair with food. This one is definitely an exception, and exceptional. 

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Bisson Rosato, Ciliegiolo
Portofino, Liguria 2018

We can’t visit Liguria without spotlighting Piero Lugano. Impossible. He has been so influential in the growth of Liguria’s overall reputation for quality and has been vital in preserving rare native grapes like Bianchetta Genovese, Alberola and Bosca. All of his wines are small batch and passionately looked after through every step. Starting out as a wine trader and retailer in the area, he is now far more famous for his unorthodox efforts submerging and aging his sparkling wines in the Mediterranean Sea. The man just exudes Liguria in every thing he does. 

And let’s acknowledge the pink elephant in the room. This particular shade of pink (reminiscent of the ‘white zin’ headache bombs of old) is the exact opposite of what has helped drive rosé wines back into popularity in the US (Provence pale or bust!) But this wine is truly the exception to the rule as it is produced to express the Ciliegiolo grape variety as opposed to just a light crisp summer treat.