Caravaglio ‘Infatata’ Malvasia di Lipari * Salina, Sicily 2017


Star fruit, Kaffir Lime, orange blossom honey, passionfruit, and anise hyssop. All that on it’s own is delightful, but hands down it’s the tightly wound minerality that strings this wine together beautifully. Dry aromatic white wines made this well can easily inspire exotic descriptors such as these. Balanced beautifully with a briny and savory side that provides complexity and nerve, resulting in thirst-quenching glee. This is some serious late summer deliciousness.

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Caravaglio ‘Infatata’ Malvasia di Lipari
Malfa, Salina, Sicily 2017
Malvasia 100%

Malvasia di Lipari is only found in the Aeolian Islands (which is essentially just a string of active volcanoes in the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Northeast of Sicily) on Lipari and Salina. All told there’s only about 160 acres planted to this particular Malvasia variety and about 80% of that goes to producing dessert wine. This truly a rare and beautiful gem to behold.  

Nino Caravaglio was among the first artisans in all of Sicily to become certified organic in the 90’s, though his family has been farming that way for 500 years. He and his wife are always slowly expanding both their vineyards and farm land (where they also grow the Salina’s famous caperberries) but only as the natural terrain will allow. The Salina volcano slopes are steep on this north side of the island and then they level out straight into the sea below – you can imagine how precious the land is and how thoughtful one must be to maintain such properties. This Sicilian Shangri-la is in the perfect hands with the Caravaglios and we’re thankful to share a taste of it.