Chessa Cagnulari * Usini, Sardegna, Italy 2016


Equal parts baked blackberry, boysenberry pie and savory, briney black olive tapenade. The nose is deceptively bright and almost confectionary, riddled with uniquely persistent clove spice, fennel seed and wild herbs just jumping out of the glass as it opens up. Here is a wine that makes you search deep into your recollection rolodex usually determining that you’ve never had anything quite like it. Winner.

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Usini, Sardegna, Italy 2016

Giovanna Chessa is a champion for Usini, its unique island terroir and its local grape varieties. The soil is mainly limestone as opposed the hard granite composition of the majority of Sardagna and she will be the first to point out the major differences in her wines compared to others for that reason. Her Vermentino has a depth of beautiful aromatics seldom rivaled anywhere, and this, her Cagnulari, is one of the very few exceptional examples of the grape. Again, with a wave of exotic aromatics that one can only conclude are singularly unique and the mouthfeel hits your senses seemingly all at once followed by a long and lingering umami balancing act.