G.D. Vajra ‘N.S. Delle Neve’ Extra Brut Rosé


Equal parts Nebbiolo and Pinot Nero make up this magical anomaly that is impossibly brilliant pink in color and truly has you salivating before you even pop the cork. Can a Sparkling Rosé this good, so easily comparable to Champagne even, also display beautiful characteristics redolent to its equally regal home turf of Barolo? Does such a Unicorn really exist? Yup. And we only get a little bit at a time. Hup!

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GD Vajra ‘N.S. Delle Neve’ Brut Rosé
Nebbiolo 50% + Pinot Nero 50%
Barolo, Piedmont, Italy NV

If you’re paying attention to Barolo at all, you are hopefully familiar with Giuseppe Vajra. In fact you should get to know his entire lineup as I don’t think he could produce a bad wine if he tried. As you get even further down the rabbit hole, you may even discover this little treasure. Because although the notion of a good sparkling wine from Piedmont is not entirely unheard of, this one stands truly above the rest for me.