Holiday Bubbs Trio * 2x Grower Champagnes and 1x Champagne Method Sparkling


  1. Lavernette ‘Granit’ / Gamay / Brut Nature  
  2. Tarlant Rosé Champagne / Chard, PN, PM / Brut Zéro
  3. Dhondt-Grellet Grand Cru Champagne / Chardonnay / Extra Brut

As much as we preach that the Holidays is not the ONLY time of year for delicious bubbly, it sure is a great excuse to have more on hand… and open! Well beyond your average ‘raise a glass and toast’ wine, and beyond your morning-after mimosas, this is the category of Grower Champagne and Champagne Method sparkling wine that keeps the wine geek spirit bright and bubbly. These are three of our current and long time favorites.

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Lavernette ‘Granit’ / Gamay Blanc de Noirs
Cru Gamay crunchiness with enough cremant creaminess to make it as quaffable as it is crushable. I love when red fruit tones truly shine through in a white sparkler like this; tart rainier cherries and soft black raspberries do a little dance on your tongue. It’s also a great example of the value of ‘Brut Nature’ (no added sweetness) as the insistent acidity really ties the wine together.

Tarlant Champagne / Rosé
Tarlant Rosé showcases the best of the Brut Zero trend in Champagne. In short; high in mouth watering acidity and bracing complexity with the perfect kiss of wild summer strawberries and tart passion fruit. The minerality is prominent on both the nose and the tongue and the rare treat here is the amount of crushed dried flowers throughout as well.

Dhondt-Grellet Champagne / Grand Cru, Blanc de Blancs
Lemongrass and fresh baked ginger cookies. Ripping acidity with just a soft rich whisper of lemon meringue pie. The village of Cramant has always been one of my favorite Grand Crus because it always showcases the perfect balance between fine focused minerality with elegant velvet creaminess. This wine exemplifies the best of that harmony and has one of the most endless complex finishes I’ve had in a NV Champagne in some time.