Holiday Wine Trio


  1. Karamolegos ‘Feredini’ / Assyrtiko, Santorini
  2. Monje ‘La Hollera’ / Listan Negro, Tenerife
  3. U Stiliccionu ‘Antica’ / Nielluccio, Corsica

Just in case your Holidays don’t include a visit to beautiful warm islands in the Mediterranean… we’ve decided to bring the islands to you.  These three incredible and unique wines also happen to represent three of the hippest regions and grape varieties garnering attention today. Distinct island and volcanic terroir is on display with each of these wines and the inherent natural textures and flavor purity make them instant conversation pieces at any gathering.

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Let’s be honest, this isn’t the time of year where our meals with friends and family are arranged course by course. ‘Family style’ is the polite way to say ‘free for all.’ All three of these wines are incredibly food pairing friendly, each for very different reasons. We encourage you to have all three opened at the same time and to go back and forth between them as you graze your tables of goodies. There’s always room for more wine glasses!

Karamolegos ‘Feredini’ / Assyrtiko, Santorini
Like licking the salt rim of a Margherita complete with the squeeze of fresh lime. A wine that’s less about the fruit over all, yet pears and and tart apple skin are what come through on tongue. Intensely mineral driven, a combination of gunpowder and seashells. Assyrtiko is not simply a lightweight aperitif. This salty and mineral driven white has some power to it that will stand up to the most challenging of pairings (see: asparagus, green beans, artichoke) just as easily as it delights with starchy and sweet potatoes. And if yours is the kind of party that has mac ’n cheese or some sort of fancy gratin, rest assured this wine is prepared for both.

Monje ‘La Hollera’ / Listan Negro, Tenerife
Charred red peppers, smokey pomegranates and freshly ground black pepper to accompany the blueberries and blackberries on the mid palate. You’re left with an intriguing bitter citrus rind flavor that can easily, and with great delite, be compared to Campari. Listan Negro with its smoke and spice calls out for whatever the chosen oven roasted protein of the meal happens to be, but it’s certainly light enough to not bludgeon it over the head. You took great care in your cooking, why drink something that is more likely to bully than to complement? Also, if you’re starting off with a fancy cheese display, be sure this one is open and at the ready. Preferably with a slight chill.

U Stiliccionu ‘Antica’ / Nielluccio, Corsica

A fruit and savory balancing act with flavors of roasted fennel bulbs drizzled with a bit of balsamic as well as a baked strawberry and rhubarb pie. This Nielluccio is the most versatile with a meal, and beyond what you may first think. It has enough tannin grip to pair well with any fatty richness that needs attending to but also has enough delicate nuance to highlight those magic little ingredients included in the dish that may otherwise go unnoticed. It is as user friendly with garlic, fennel and paprika as it is with your pecan pie to finish, actually. Not assuming it will still be around by then, but if you’re lucky enough to get that last pour… Winner.