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    • $100 / month / 4 bottles
    • Small batch grower-producer wines
    • Single varietal wines from native Italian grapes
    • Regional and cultural wine notes
    • Family Wineries / Traditional Techniques

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Learn to navigate the most complicated country in the wonderful world of wine. Once a month you receive four hand selected small batch production bottles of Italian wine. We share with you the stories of the people and terroir behind each one, the grape variety that makes the wine, and the regions of Italy that bring the whole story together. While normally one would say “crack ’em open!” at Bergamot Wine Co. we encourage you to take an extra moment to pause, dig in to the Tasting Notes for each month’s collection, and start expanding your wine knowledge one bottle, one winemaker, and one grape at a time.

Perks of the Club: Add unlimited bottles to your order for no additional shipping cost; Club discount on case purchases, exclusive email offers and deals on products and events.



How we’ve made it this far in our Italian Club tasting through every Italian region and have barely yet acknowledged Friuli is mindbottling. You know… when your thoughts get all trapped up in a wine bottle? I digress. In the Northeastern corner of Italy along the border of Slovenia, tucked into the convergence of the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, is a region that is renowned for producing the best white wines in the country. And here in Friuli, ‘White’ is a very loose term. More often an entire rainbow of colors from lemon green to straw,  from marigold to orange, and from copper to pink all count as white wines here. 

That may seem confusing but it’s all about the use of traditional winemaking methods that include longer contact between the wine and the grape skins. This region is pretty much ground zero for the Italian maestros in the heady world of ‘orange’ wines that more often get their color from oxidation. But it’s also the natural pigment of the grape that adds color, such as in this month’s Ramato. Yes, Pinot Grigio is naturally a pink wine. Friuli is also a storied home for wines made from some French native grapes; again, Pinot Grigio. In the next two months we will dig into the amazing wines of this corner of Italy and celebrate the love for this viticultural melting pot – Served up, of course, with some traditional Jota and Prosciutto San Danielle.  



WINE No.1I Clivi / Ribolla Gialla / Venezia Giulia, Friuli, Italy 2018 

WINE No.2:  Ronchi di Cialla / Friulano / Cialla, Friuli, Italy 2018

WINE No.3:  Ferlat ‘PG’ / Pinot Grigio / Cormons, Friuli, Italy 2018

WINE No.4: Marco Sara / Schioppettino / Savorgnano, Friuli, Italy 2017

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