Italian Wine Club

$105.00 now, and $105.00 on the 1st of each month

Four hand selected bottles of small batch Italian wine every month, delivered straight to you doorstep. A whole lot of Wine Smarts come with this Membership, and a printed purse of tasting notes to help tickle your palate. Pssst, as a Club Member there is no additional shipping charges for any additional bottles added to your monthly order from our Shop or re-orders from past Wine Clubs. So fill up your case box(s), get some Wine Smarts, and let us take you on a wine tour of Italy like you’ve never tasted before. 

First payment: November 1, 2018

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The Bergamot Italian Wine Club is an exceptional representation of the diverse and delicious world of Italian wines. Once a month you receive four hand selected bottles of small batch Italian wines and while normally one would say “crack ’em open!” at Bergamot Wine Co. we encourage you to take an extra moment to pause, dig in to the Field Notes for each month’s collection, and start expanding your wine knowledge one bottle at a time. In this Club you will get to know the people and terroir behind each small batch wine, the grape variety that makes the wine, and the regions of Italy that bring the whole bottle story together.

All retail purchases you make between Club shipments are added to your box(es) for delivery with the next month’s Club at no extra shipping charge. Besides that awesome perk, a Bergamot Italian Wine Club membership comes with Wine Smarts (for both budding and experienced wine nerds). It comes with expectations (we will absolutely wow you every month.) It comes with trips to Italy (members only- options to book two trips with us a year). It comes with monthly live tastings about your Club wines (Kevin on YouTube!). It comes with a whole lot of hand curated shenanigans, crazy fun unboxing experiences and photos involving miniature Italians drinking wine. This is not your Nonna’s fiasco basket. This is Italian wine like you’ve never tasted or experienced before.

When you sign up for the Bergamot Italian Wine Club your card will be charged immediately and your Club wines will ship within that week. After your initial charge, you are always charged on the 1st of the month, and your wines will again ship within the week of the charge. This timing gives you ultimate flexibility on your membership status (like cancel any time) and us time to do things like adding your extra bottles you purchase from the shop for shipping.Visit our shipping info link and please contact us if you have any questions about this cadence.

We’re going to say it again because that’s how we are. When you become a Italian Club Member you also get the major added perk of ZERO additional shipping charges for an UNLIMITED amount of bottles that you can add to your order each month. So let’s say your 4x Club wines are ready to go April 1. But you also want to add some of that super interesting Spanish red wine in the bottle shop. Oh yeah, and a bottle of Grower Champagne because, why not!? And in last month’s club you REALLY liked that Nebbiolo from Piedmont so you order a case of that. You place these orders (any time, any quantity) and they are automatically added to the shipment with next month’s Club wines. Pretty cool perk.

So join the Club. Learn some Wine Smarts. Add some cool wines from our Bottle Shop to your order. Expand your palate. And most importantly, Drink Good Juice.

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