J&J ‘Eged-Hegy’ Kèkfrankos * Eger, Hungary 2015


So chock full of sweet aromatic spices, this wine draws your nose in deeper and deeper for further investigation. Roasted Fennel Root, Allspice and Sandalwood. Red Currants, Lingonberry Sauce and Red Hots.

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J&J ‘Eged-Hegy’
Kèkfrankos Eger, Hungary 2015

A combined effort of John Szabo, Canada’s first Master Sommelier, and local paramedic physician and winemaker, Dr. Janos Stumpf, their steadfast objective is to raise the bar for what is possible in this historically storied region. The duo take a page or two out of the Burgundy playbook by blending the best parcels within the site after fermentation to find the absolute best expressions of their fruit and terroir. They use local oak barrels for aging and only in larger sizes to avoid imparting too much wood flavoring on the wine, a trend they both feel has taken over way too much of European wine already. We agree.