Artemis Karamolegos ‘Feredini’ Assyrtiko * Santorini, Greece 2017


Can you smell warm the Mediterranean breeze? It’s fully captured within  this glass. The palate is like licking the salt rim of a Margherita complete with the squeeze of fresh lime. A wine that’s less about the fruit over all, yet pears and and tart apple skin are what come through on tongue. Intensely mineral driven, a combination of gunpowder and seashells. If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to try an Assyrtiko from Santorini, this is a stunning and classic example you shouldn’t miss.

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Karamolegos ‘Feredini’
Santorini, Greece 2017

Greek wine just ain’t what it used to be. Thankfully. Assyrtiko, however, has been has been the standout grape that has demanded recognition and attention for a long time. Artemis Karamolegos is one of the small number of producers championing this local grape and tending it towards it’s inevitable day in the spotlight. The pride the Karamolegos family feels for being able to share their wines beyond the Greek borders is enormous. For most Americans, this wine is a true education in the definition of ‘minerality,’ an eye opening and mouth watering adventure in texture. For Artemis, it’s as personal as sharing baby photos.