La Staffa ‘Rincrocca’ Verdicchio * Castelli di Jesi Superiore, Marche 2015


Oily tangerines, jasmine tea, tart mango and sweet almonds. Go ahead and take your time with those, we’ll wait. This wine rests on its lees for a year in cement tanks to help create an amazingly textured experience.


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La Staffa ‘Rincrocca’ Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Superiore
Staffolo, Marche 2015

As described by the current heavyweight champion of Italian grape knowledge Ian D’Agata, Verdicchio is ‘arguably Italy’s greatest native white grape variety.’  And grower Riccardo Baldi has to be the rising star burning brightest in the vast Verdicchio skyline. He has been making wine since before he could legally drink (in California) and although he’s still in his twenties, the captivating and complex results of his labor certainly suggest an old soul. He learns a bit more each year about the  potential of his land, as the steep vineyard sites in this area around Staffolo could be considered its own Cru in our humble opinion. This wine is all weight and length with insane persistent acidity; and where we start to see Verdicchio standing up to some of the finest Chenin Blancs we’ve ever had from the Loire.