Occhipinti ‘Siccagno’ Nero d’Avola 2016

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Everything you could want from this maestra of the Nero d’Avola grape. Teaming with fresh acidity and ample ripe red raspberry and Rainier cherries. Warmly integrated with soft black tea like tannins, black licorice and a tell-tale clay (almost pottery) earthen tone that just feels Sicilian. Arianna once again proves that Nero d’Avola has a potential well beyond its ‘traditional’ reputations.

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Occhipinti ‘Siccagno’ Nero d’Avola
Vittoria, Sicily, Italy 2016

“a seminal figure… whose rise to prominence is meteoric…” So much poetic praise has been unleashed on Arianna Occhipinti since she’s made her first wine about five years ago. Every bit of it well deserved mind you. But despite all the success and the spotlight, despite how wine people get giddy around her and tend to act like a teenage fan of (insert boy band of your generation here) – Arianna remains Arianna. She is indeed a badass winemaker, a natural beauty and loaded with equal parts intellect and charm. But she identifies herself as a just farmer trying to make wines that best express the fruit she grows and the soils and place from which the grow equally. Kudos. The greatness of this young woman is her ability to stick with being true to both herself and her wines throughout her success, genuinely and effortlessly. Something few in her position are truly capable of.