Occhipinti ‘SP68’ Rosso

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Frappato is Arianna Occhipinti’s first love, and we totally understand why. Those lofty red floral notes that jump out of the wine are all Frappato. High toned acidity with crunchy cranberry and summer strawberries provide the initial flavors. Then the tell-tale Nero d’Avola lush ripe raspberry flavors eventually shine through on the palate along with some dusty tannins and green spice that give the wine its edge.

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Occhipinti ‘SP68’ Rosso / Nero d’Avola + Frappato
Vittoria, Sicily, Italy 2016

Arianna Occhipinti needs almost no introduction. She exploded into rock star status about a dozen years ago and has been consistently creating wines that are easily some of the most sought after in Sicily ever since. She farms Organically, with Biodynamic practices and considers her natural approach to the health of her vineyards paramount to the expression of purity in her wines.This wine is a slam dunk year in and year out… and for that reason, it disappears quickly. We’re always honored to represent any of Arianna’s creations but if you’d like some extra, and we know you will, order soon before it’s our allocation is gone!