Poder e Sandri Nosiola  * Faedo, Trentino, Italy 2017


Green apple, lime leaf and chamomile are the first things that show on the nose. And although the palate is in the same neighborhood, increase that tart factor on the apples, squeeze that lime juice and replace the floral tones with some sea salted hazelnuts.

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Poder e Sandri
Faedo, Trentino 2017

Friends and neighbors Fiorentino Sandri and Mario Pojer joined forces in 1975 and found they had equal passions for not only great wine but for innovation and experimentation as well. You can’t research these two fabulous souls without reading about their unusual techniques of washing their grapes in a ‘grape spa’ or pressing in a manner that is completely oxygen free. Needless to say their years of striving for better methodology, thinking outside the industry box, and finding genuine enjoyment and fun in their everyday work, has more than paid off.