Poggio la Noce ‘Bàja’ Falanghina * Campi Flegrei, Campania 2016


Seashells, sand and salt with quince and white peaches. Flinty smoke and volcanic ash on the finish. Even though it has such layered minerality and crisp fresh acidity, it still shows plenty of ripe saturation due to its warm and sunny climate. There is also a Riesling-like sweet petroleum scent which, incidentally, is something that makes every Sommelier weak in the knees.

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Poggio la Noce ‘Bàja’
Campi Flegrei, Campania 2016

Falanghina grown in Volcanic soil like this one shows much more mineral character than other inland examples, but I appreciate that the ‘smokey’ qualities of this wine are not overbearing. The variety, in my opinion, sometimes doesn’t have the weight to balance that kind of aggressive flavor as opposed to Fiano or Greco, but Poggio la Noce has found a stunning balance in this bottling that hits all the classic Falanghina notes beautifully.
Organically farmed and consistently pure in their winemaking, Poggio la Noce wines are a unique standout for Tuscany. This particular Falanghina is clearly a rare treasure, and a passion project that pays homage to Enzo’s family home in in the Campi Flegrei region of Campania.