Raetia Kerner * Appiano, Alto Adige, Italy 2016


Kerner can get pretty darn ripe and tropical and in some cases a bit too viscous, but here those attributes are complemented by more complex flavors like sweet fennel and lemongrass. There is a lot of beeswax and slightly bitter grapefruit skin lending this wine a wonderfully tactile mouthfeel as well. An alpine wine through and through. I’ll even go so far as to say that if you close your eyes you can taste the freshly fallen snow. Is it odd to taste snow and ripe guava at the same time? 

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Appiano (Eppan an der Weinstraße), Alto Adige 2016

A white grape variety that is actually a cross breed between Riesling (yum!) and a very light skinned red grape called Vernatsch (or Schiava, also yum!) Kerner is one of a few successful Riesling hybrids from Germany and, as you might imagine, is easily recognized by it’s delightfully floral aromatics. But beyond the nose, what makes this grape truly unique is the slightly textured finishing grip (from the Schiava side of the family tree, of course..)

If you can imagine the Alto Adige region in your mind it’s really easy to understand that land ownership is complicated at best. The habitable areas are all within narrow valleys between steep inclined terrain, pointed straight up into the Alps. So it is no wonder that the majority of wineries in this region are a ‘co-op’ of multiple, sometimes dozens, of independent organic farmers working together to produce some wonderful wines. This particular cooperative has been working with the highly influential Italian importer Marc de Grazia for years to create some truly exemplary mountain wines.