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Seven Percent is the movement celebrating and perpetuating varietal diversity in California. The lineup of winemakers and growers we work with are top of their class, making some of the most interesting and sought-after wines in the US, working with grapes very familiar in the Old World but new to California, perpetuating varietal diversity, and redefining California wine. We are very lucky to live amongst and represent so many rebels. You can learn more about the movement HERE.


Arnot-Roberts is the amalgamation of two friends, Duncan Arnot Meyers and Nathan Lee Roberts who met all the way back in the 3rd grade. They grew up watching their hometown of Napa morph from a backwater farmer’s valley into an internationally famous wine region in just a couple decades, all the while seeing the 12% alcohol Cabernets served at the family table grow into the modern 100 pt juggernauts. Duncan and Nathan became obsessed with bikes, and while mountain-biking up and down the valley, they tuned in to the soil, geology, native plants and mini microclimates- all of which would translate to the terroir-hunt later on.

Nathan joined his father’s trade as a cooper building wine barrels while Duncan made wine in a few renowned wineries in Napa and Sonoma; and when the two made their first barrel of wine in 2001 in their basement, Nathan even rigged a plexiglass head for the barrel so the wine wouldn’t be in 100% new oak, a portent of the attention to detail that would make AR famous. The winery has grown slowly over 20 years, beginning with the classics like Cabernet and Syrah, and taking on some of the most remarkable- often experimental, vineyards in California. These days they still produce Cab, along with 11 other grape varieties from sites all over the map: Napa, Sonoma Coast, Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Rita Hills, Clearlake, and the Foothills. They don’t own any of the over 20 vineyards they source from, but this frees them up to sniff out the most exceptional sites and work with only the most conscientious growers, and also to play with some of the unheralded seven % grapes that might just be the right fit in California.

WINE No.1: Arnot-Roberts “Old Vine White” / Riesling + Sylvaner (+ others/field blend) / Heinstein Vineyard, Sonoma County, California 2018
WINENo.2: Arnot-Roberts / Touriga Nacional Rosé / California 2019
WINE No.3: Arnot-Roberts Trousseau / North Coast, California 2018


Seven Percent California Wine Club is the new frontier for grape growers, winemakers and folks like us who just love to drink good juice. Each month we bring you three grape varieties that, although rare here in California, are certainly not completely unheard of in our soils. They each have great histories in the Old World, but their story is still young and chock full of potential here. We also feature wineries/incredibly talented winemakers that are important pieces to this new category of wine. The Seven Percent movement and the group of impassioned winemakers that make it a reality have been growing in strength for several years now and the time to take center stage seems just around the corner. We expect variation and quality in every aspect of our lives these days, why not demand more than wines made from only eight grape varieties? It represents the spirit of California winemaking – where exploration is the focus and discovery the glorious and delicious result.


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