Sottimano ‘Maté’ Brachetto * Nieve, Piedmont, Italy 2017


Rose petals, summer ripe raspberries and more rose petals. Swirl, sniff, repeat. Intoxicating. Now, it’s entirely possible that something this floral on the nose may be off putting to some (how dare you) but I am confident the burst of almost Burgundian tart cherries and the ground pepper will help you come to terms with all that.

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Sottimano ‘Maté’ 
Nieve, Piedmont, Italy 2017

Brachetto is most often a simple sweet, pink and bubbly; Here, however, in the rarest of examples of Brachetto as a dry red wine I find that things go up a notch into rollicking euphoria. Don’t let this particular wine and it’s eccentric character fool you, the Sottimano family is one of the most celebrated producers in Barbaresco. Their approach is a blend of classic technique, minimal intervention but with modern sensibilities. The results are seriously amazing and some of my longtime favorite Barbarescos. They capture every bit of the terroir driven nuance one could expect out of their Cru sites and showcase some of the more soulful ageworthy Nebbiolos around.