Terre Bianche Rossese di Dolceacqua * Dolceacqua Liguria 2017


One of the more uniquely distinct grapes in Italy. This wine showcases equal amounts of high toned ripe fruits as it does grounding rich earthy tones- truly a rare treat to be tasting currants and cranberries at the same time as espresso and truffles. Dried strawberries and pencil shavings (or graphite) and still more of that ground peppery goodness- it is no wonder that this wine is absolutely built for the local Ligurian cuisine pulled straight out of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Terre Bianche / Rossese di Dolceacqua
Dolceacqua, Liguria 2017

The daunting switchback dirt roads from the valley floor find Filippo Rondelli’s vineyards tucked into small parcels, amongst olive trees of course, at about 400 meters high and are about the same distance from the border of France as they are the Mediterranean Sea. These vineyards are seemingly located on another planet – at least it appears that way with the surrounding massive vertical limestone cliffs (Terre Bianche = white earth). Rondelli makes incredible wines that speak to this very unique place and the soils from which the grapes are grown. At a whopping total of around 4000 cases per year (total, including his Vermentino) it is a humble treat that we’re able to enjoy his wines at all.