The Lunch Box – 1x Bubbles + 1x White + 1x Rosé + 1x Red


1x Bubbles + 1x White + 1x Rosé + 1x Red

There is always so much to unpack when learning your taste preferences. The Lunch Box provides the best approach to a balanced palate by representing one wine from each of the four basic categories. These are no brown baggers, mind you, they’re made from healthy vines and packed with love and care.


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  • Lavernette ‘Granit’ Blanc de Noirs / Gamay / Beaujolais, France NV
  • Maccario Dringenberg Rossese di Dolceacqua / Liguria, Italy 2018 
  • Cenatiempo Biancolella / Campania, Italy 2018
  • Thibaud Boudignon Rosé / Cab Franc + Grolleau / Loire, France 2018