The No.2 Pencils – 4x Reds


4x Reds

Great red wines must have balance. If they are dark at their core, they must remain sharp in order to get the job done. The No.2 Pencils reliably provide a graphite mineral texture and an acute spice that encompasses the taste of precision. These four wine achieve these attributes without relying on wood for their flavor, but artistically expressing their native terroir and natural varietal character.

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  • Marco Sara Schippettino / Friuli, Italy 2017
  • Agostino Pavia Grignolino / Piedmont, Italy 2018
  • Val del Prete ‘Serra dei Gatti’ Barbera / Piedmont, Italy 2018
  • Domaine de la Bêche VV Morgon / Gamay / Beaujolais, France 2018