The Pink Eraser – 4x Rosés / 2 Still + 2 Sparkling


4x Rosés / 2 Still + 2 Sparkling

The power of Pink is undeniable and it’s pursuit for perfection is perpetual. The Pink Eraser is designed to reach beyond those passing moments of flaw, those temporary lapses in quality that should not be looked upon as mistakes, per say, but as opportunities to pour yourself a nice crisp glass of something vibrant in color and vivacious in spirit.

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  • Thibaud Boudignon Rosé / Cab Franc + Grolleau / Loire, France 2018
  • Ameztoi ‘Hijo de Rubentis’ Txakolina Rosé / Getariako Txakolina, Spain 2016
  • Jaimee Motley Mondeuse Rosé / Calaveras, California 2018
  • Blue Ox ‘In the Mood For Love’ Sparkling Rosé / Carignan / Berkeley, California 2019