Torre Dei Beati ‘Giocheremo con i Fiori’ Pecorino * Abruzzo, Italy 2016


A nose full of fresh spicy ginger, roasted almonds and celery salt. Wafts of white flowers; Not little dainty ones, instead think rich southern goodness like magnolia, gardenia. Pretty cool that the fruit notes provide the B-sides in this wine. Citrus rind, tart apples and under-ripe figs round out this surprisingly complex treat.

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Torre Dei Beati ‘Giocheremo con i Fiori’ 
Loreto Aprutino, Abruzzo, Italy 2016
Pecorino 100%

We are witnessing the early stages of the Pecorino revolution! That is to say, the grape is just coming into its own as a very high quality mono-varietal wine. Nestled in Loreto Aprutino, this family run Organic farm is a stunning place to behold. A  tropical coastal climate near the Adriatic Sea yet cooled in the shadow of the snow capped Gran Sasso Mountain, it is a mystically beautiful location that the Albanesi family call home. They are local leaders in natural farming techniques and they feel their wines are the best way they can share the beauty of their land with others.