Two Shepherds * Vermentino * Windmill Vineyards Yolo County, California 2018


Lime leaf and saline make for a mouthwatering experience. Ripe green melons round off with garrigue herbs and a lingering white floral richness. 


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This grape claims its native terroir in the very heart of the Mediterranean Sea. It is most widely known from the Island of Sardegna but thrives along the coast of Italy, in Liguria and Tuscany, and in pockets along the south of France as well. It is a prolific grape variety that has proven to feel right at home here in the California sun and demand for more vines is on the rise! Vermentino can make a versatile range of wines with beautiful aromatics and, most importantly, ample natural acidity.

This is one of four Seven Percent California Vermentinos we offer. Read more about Seven Percent HERE. Vermentino is certainly grape to be on the lookout for more of here in the states and could even be the first Italian native white variety to truly take off here (Pinot Grigio doesn’t count.) It’s also likely your new favorite thing, that is, if you’ve not fallen in love with it already.