Valle dell’Acate ‘Il Frappato’ Frappato Vittoria, Sicily 2016


You can always identify Frappato by its telltale fragrant red fruit in intense concentration. This one is brimming with ripe raspberries and tart pomegranates, laced with dried roses and rosehip tea. This is yet another singularly unique Italian wine, but it’s also reminding me of a really great Passetoutgrain from a warmer vintage (Passetoutgrain is an under-appreciated gem from Burgundy that is a blend of Pinot and Gamay. Seek it, love it.) This can be either chilled and casually enjoyed with your toes in the sand or it can be dressed up fancy beside a plate of moroccan spiced eggplant and prawns. Either way, what bliss.

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Valle dell’Acate ‘Il Frappato’
100% Frappato
Vittoria, Sicily 2016

Frappato – The little Sicilian engine that could. It provides the lift and the brightness for Sicily’s only DOCG wine, Cerasuolo di Vittoria, in which it’s always blended with the more dark powerhouse grape, Nero d’Avola. As a single varietal wine, however, it has created a pretty strong little fan club because it is as distinctly recognizable as it is undeniably loveable. It is a rare example of a grape that is bright in color and ripping with acidity despite its Southern Mediterranean native home of Ragusa. In the right spot here in California (Mendocino, perhaps?) Frappato is bound to be an instant superstar.

Gaetana Jacono has taken the Valle dell’Acate label to the next level of great recognition for quality in Sicily. She doing things very differently than perhaps Gaetano Jacono did when he founded the label six generations ago. Back then most of the fruit grown here was immediately shipped to France to be blended into wines of the Rhône. Her Cerasuolo di Vittoria has long been a flagship wine both for the Jacono family and for the appellation itself. She is considered one of most important champions of Frappato in Italy. The vineyards are a stunning mix of black soil with bright white stones, very distinctive for this area of Sicily.