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The Italian Wine Club

Four hand selected bottles of small batch Italian wine delivered to your doorstep every month with a basket full of education and a spotlight on specific regions. Learn to navigate the coolest and most complicated country in the wonderful world of wine.

Bottle Shop

Our bottle shop contains a rotating selection of Old World wines. From Champagne to Greece, and from Georgia to the Canary Islands, our wine selection is all about exploring grape varieties, where they grow, and how deliciously unique they truly are.

Previous Wine Clubs

What did we enjoy last month? Monthly summaries of past Italian Wine Clubs, to be enjoyed as you drink, or referenced as needed. We focus on the Three G’s important to the story of each Club selection: the Grape, the Grower, and what’s in your Glass. 

“The breakout star of the new Bergamot Wine Company is the Italian Wine Club.”

– Sarah Stierch, Sonoma Magazine

“Tired of wine clubs that just send out mass-produced plonk with a bespoke label? Check out Bergamot Wine Co.”

– Christopher Null, Drinkhacker

“A great way to expose yourself to unusual hard-to-find wines with minimal effort on your part.”

– Katie Kelly Bell, Forbes

For The Love Of The Grape

Grape Varieties

There are over 350 native grape varieties in Italy. Fret not. Getting to know these grape characters one by one helps expand your palate and exposes you to the most essential element of Italian wine – it is deliciously fun and there is always something more to learn

Maps of Italy

These little beauties are key to learning where the  flavors are coming from. Let’s start with the 20 regions. Get to know them and where they fall in the boot. Our maps will help you navigate the basics of Italian landscape and growing regions in a jiffy.

Trips to Italy

Curated by our partner Leslie of La Dolce Vigna. Expect a perfect balance of exposure to small production Italian wine and detailed particulars of culture in these two distinctly different trips inspired by the wines at Bergamot Wine Co.

Our Recommended Bottles

Tarlant Rosé Champagne * Vallée de la Marne, Champagne, France NV

High in mouth watering acidity and bracing complexity with the perfect kiss of wild summer strawberries and tart passion fruit. 

Artemis Karamolegos ‘Feredini’ Assyrtiko * Santorini, Greece 2017

Intensely mineral driven, a combination of gunpowder and seashells.

Du Cropio ‘Dom Giuva’ Gaglioppo * Cirò, Calabria, Italy 2015

Tart red loganberries, black licorice, new leather and lavender are all neatly layered together from the get-go.

Monje ‘La Hollera’ Listan Negro * Tenerife, Canary Islands 2017

This wine is fermented semi-carbonically so although it has plenty of complexity, it finishes quite clean and free of any tannic bite.

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