• $100 / month / 4 bottles
  • Small batch grower-producer wines
  • Single varietal wines + native Italian grapes
  • Regional and cultural wine notes
  • Family Wineries / Traditional Techniques


  • $100 / month / 3 bottles
  • Monthly focus on new-to-CA grape varieties
  • Rockstars of California winemaking
  • VIP invitation to our annual tasting event
  • Winemaker Selections / Small Batch


  • $125 / month / 1-2 bottles
  • Grower-producer small batch Champagne
  • Dosage, Cru sites and disgorgement dates
  • Style distinction in each bottle
  • Grower Producer / Family Production



1x Bubbles + 1x White + 1x Rosé + 1x Red
There is always so much to unpack when learning your taste preferences. The Lunch Box provides the best approach to a balanced palate by representing one wine from each of the four basic categories. These are no brown baggers, mind you, they’re made from healthy vines and packed with love and care.


4x Rosés (2 Still + 2 Sparkling)
The power of Pink is undeniable and it’s pursuit for perfection is perpetual. The Pink Eraser is designed to reach beyond those passing moments of flaw, those temporary lapses in quality that should not be looked upon as mistakes, per say, but as opportunities to pour yourself a nice crisp glass of something vibrant in color and vivacious in spirit.


4x Reds
Great red wines must have balance. If they are dark at their core, they must remain sharp in order to get the job done. The No.2 Pencils reliably provide a graphite mineral texture and an acute spice that encompasses the taste of precision. These four wine achieve these attributes without relying on wood for their flavor, but artistically expressing their native terroir and natural varietal character.

meet the grapes of italy

Best Sellers in the bottle shop

Piero Brunet Prié Blanc

Soooper herbal wine: rosemary, tarragon, and fresh cut grass. Underripe apricots, blushing quince, and a massive, slow moving melted glacier minerality.

Guillaume Sergent Blanc de Noirs Champagne

A lively conversation between the Pinots, a back and forth of tart red raspberry and bright pomegranate with mouthwatering acidity and seaspray.

Marco Carpinnetti ‘Moro’ Greco Moro

Crisp and ripe golden apple juiciness. Not a shy wine by any means – full of complex texture and entangled layers.

Jaimee Motley Mondeuse Rosé

Deep fruit saturation, garrigue herbs and spicy characters that are typical of the Mondeuse grape. A rosé that carries more red wine qualities than most. A California Seven Percent Wine.

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In-the-vineyard picnics, tasting adventures, even trips to Italy- we love to host and can help curate your ultimate wine country experience.

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Let’s start with the 20 regions. Our maps will help you navigate the basics of Italian landscape and growing regions in a jiffy.

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We write in-depth about every bottle we offer. About the grape, the growers, the winemakers, and what to expect in the glass. Learn up!