Bruna ‘Majé’ Pigato * Riviera Ligure di Ponente * Liguria 2017


Lovely sweet fennel flower interwoven into a coastal breeze that warms the soul. Soft grapefruit, kaffir lime and star fruit are beautifully ripe throughout on the long palate, and the finish has a touch of saltiness like licking the inside of an oyster shell. Pigato like this reminds us of how much we love the cool complexity of coastal whites.

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Bruna ‘Majé’ Pigato
Riviera Ligure di Ponente, Liguria 2017

Planted 1000 feet above sea level (even though they’re less than 10 miles from the shore) Riccardo Bruna is one of the producers that has championed Pigato as its own variety throughout the Pigato/Vermentino, and vehemently so. (Pigato been genetically identified as Vermentino, but Liguria tends to ignore this bit of science.) They have their Vermentino planted in rows side by side with their Pigato and anyone who’s ever spoke with Bruna or anyone in his family (his daughters Francesca and AnnaMaria now run the operations) will immediately find themselves impassioned about the difference between the two grapes. Majé refers to the stone walls built to create the terraced vineyards along the steep inclines. Pigato is derived from the word pighe meaning ‘spots’ as the grape is freckled with amber color pigment.